This is us.

So, I thought I'd introduce ourselves. Properly. It isn't a magical story, or even all that interesting, but it might help give you a little more insight into us. Then again, it might not!

I'm Amy and my partner is Neil. We've been together for 18 years, though we're not married. I'm a teacher in secondary school (PE) and Neil is a marine engineer of sorts. I think. Something to do with shipbuilding and fitting and project managing.

Anyway, we met in high school and have been together ever since. No breaks, no dramas, no elaborate meeting after years and years of not seeing each other. We're pretty basic.

Up until I was in my late twenties, I didn't really want kids. I liked them, I thought other peoples' kids were cute, but it didn't seem like it was my purpose. Obviously that changed.

I found out I was pregnant with Luca in an afternoon when all my adults were at work. I burst into tears when I saw the test result, sent my sister a text which made her cry at work, called my mum to ask what I was to do now, and THEN I called Neil. His response was ,"oh right. Thats good then'. I could tell it was though a smile, though.

Luca came along on the 30th August 2016, 2 weeks late and after 40 hours of labour. He was always going to be boy, even before I knew for sure, but Luca was a name amongst a few others that we liked.

I first started to suspect autistic traits around 11 months old. We have been in the assessment process for autism since he was 27 months. He is literally the happiest, most easy going child I have ever met. He loves PJ Masks, swimming, trampoline and swings - not necessarily in that order. He has huge eyes (the only thing he gets from me) the colour of chocolate, and the cheekiest smile. He is also non verbal, but he is VERY vocal.

Luca will be 4 at the end of August and we are STILL waiting on his official diagnosis coming through. Although, at this stage, I'm not sure how much it matters.

I used to agonise over milestones, and goals and independence and development. I don't anymore. I take a slightly different apporach. Our goals for him are happiness and contentment. Thats it. My wants for him are another list altogether, but as long as he is happy and content, then I have done my job.

I have yet to meet a single person who isn't completely charmed by my little boy. He will grow up and be a part of this world and I want to make it amazing for him.

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